Accepted Papers:

Implementing Trojan-Resilient Hardware from (Mostly) Untrusted Components Designed by Colluding Manufacturers
Olivier Bronchain (UCL); François-Xavier Standaert (UCL); Sebastian Faust (TU Darmstadt); Louis Dassy (ARM Ltd.)

200 Gbps Hardware-Accelerated Encryption System for FPGA Network Cards
Zdenek Martinasek (Brno University of Technology); Jan Hajny (Brno University of Technology); David Smékal (Brno University of Technology); Lukas Malina (Brno University of Technology); Denis Matousek (Netcope Technologies); Michal Kekely (Netcope Technologies)

RSA Signatures Under Hardware Restrictions
Yan Michalevsky (Stanford University); Marc Joye (NXP Semiconductors)

Triggering Rowhammer Hardware Faults on ARM: A Revisit
Zhenkai Zhang (Vanderbilt University); Zihao Zhan (Vanderbilt University); Daniel Balasubramanian (Vanderbilt University); Xenofon Koutsoukos (Vanderbilt University); Gabor Karsai (Vanderbilt University)

CacheLight: Defeating the CacheKit Attack
Mauricio Gutierrez (Arizona State University); Ziming Zhao (Arizona State University); Adam Doupe (Arizona State University); Yan Shoshitaishvili (Arizona State University); and Gail-Joon (Ahn Arizona State University)

Acoustic Denial of Service Attacks on Hard Disk Drives
Mohammad Shahrad (Princeton University); Arsalan Mosenia (Princeton University); Liwei Song (Princeton University); Mung Chiang (Purdue University); David Wentzlaff (Princeton University); Prateek Mittal (Princeton University)

Behavioral Fingerprinting of IoT Devices
Bruhadeshwar Bezawada (Colorado State University); Maalvika Bachani (Colorado State University); Jordan Peterson (Colorado State University); Hossein Shirazi (Colorado State University); Indrakshi Ray (Colorado State University); Indrajit Ray (Colorado State University)

Fixing the CLOC with Fine-grain Leakage Analysis
William Diehl (Virginia Tech); Farnoud Farahmand (George Mason University); Abubakr Abdulgadir (George Mason University); Jens-Peter Kaps (George Mason University); Kris Gaj (George Mason University)

A Low-cost Function Call Protection Mechanism Against Instruction Skip Fault Attacks
Yuan Yao (Virginia Tech); Patrick Schaumont (Virginia Tech)

Demonstrating a LPPN Processor
Dina Kamel (UCL); Davide Bellizia (UCL); Francois-Xavier Standaert (UCL); Denis Flandre (UCL); and David Bol (UCL)