ASHES 2022 – Program


9:00am to 9:05am:  Welcome Message

  • Chip Hong Chang (NTU Singapore, Singapore), Domenic Forte (U Florida, USA),
    Debdeep Mukhopadhyay (IIT Kharagpur, India), Ulrich Rührmair (LMU München, Germany/U Connecticut, USA):
    Welcome and Workshop Statistics

9:05am to 10:05am:  INVITED KEYNOTE I

  • Marten van Dijk (CWI Amsterdam, Netherlands/U Connecticut, USA):
    Towards Remote Verifiable Computation without Digital Secrets

10:05am to 10:15am:  INTERMEDIATE BREAK

10:15am 11:25am:  TECHNICAL SESSION I:  Microarchitectural and Side Channel Attacks

  • Jens Trautmann (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Nikolaos Patsiatzis (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Andreas Becher (TU Ilmenau, Germany), Stefan Wildermann (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) and Jürgen Teich (FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany):
    Putting IMT to the Test: Revisiting and Expanding Interval Matching Techniques and their Calibration for SCA
  • Milad Seddigh (Shahid Beheshti U, Iran), Mahdi Esfahani (Sharif U of Technology, Iran), Sarani Bhattacharya (IMEC, Belgium), Mohammad Reza Aref (Sharif U of Technology, Iran) and Hadi Soleimany (Shahid Beheshti U, Iran):
    Breaking KASLR on Mobile Devices without Any Use of Cache Memory
  • Furkan Aydin and Aydin Aysu (both North Carolina State U, USA):
    RESEAL: Exposing and Mitigating Side-Channel Leakage of SEAL Homomorphic Encryption Library
    (Short Paper)

11:25am to 11:35am:  INTERMEDIATE BREAK

11:35am to 12:50pm:  TECHNICAL SESSION II:  Defenses and New Security Mechanisms

  • Muayad Aljafar (Tallin U of Technology, Estonia), Florence Azaïs (U Montpellier/CRNS, France), Marie-Lise Flottes
    (U Montpellier/CRNS, France) and Samuel Pagliarini (Tallin U of Technology, Estonia):
    Leveraging Layout-based Effects for Locking Analog ICs
  • Amit Choudhari (Ecole Polytechnique, France), Sylvain Guilley (Secure-iC, France) and Khaled Karray (Secure-iC, France):
    SpecDefender: Transient execution attack defender using performance counters
  • Alexander Wagner, Felix Oberhansl and Marc Schink (all Fraunhofer AISEC, Germany):
    To Be, or Not to Be Stateful: Post-Quantum Secure Boot using Hash-Based Signatures

12:50pm to 2pm:  LUNCH BREAK


  • Yuval Yarom (U Adelaide, Australia):
    Automating Cryptographic Code Generation

3pm to 3:10pm:  INTERMEDIATE BREAK

3:10pm to 4pm:  TECHNICAL SESSION III:  PUFs and Physical Security

  • Lars Tebelmann, Moritz Wettermann and Michael Pehl (all TU Munich, Germany):
    On-Chip Side-Channel Analysis of the Loop PUF
  • Marziyeh Rezaei, Liban Hussein and Sajjad Moazeni (all U of Washington, USA)
    Secure FMCW LiDAR Systems with Frequency Encryption

4pm to 4:10pm:  INTERMEDIATE BREAK

4:10pm to 5:20pm:  TECHNICAL SESSION IV:  Fault Attacks and FPGAs

  • Amit Jana and Goutam Paul (both Indian Statistical Institute, India):
    Differential Fault Attack on PHOTON-Beetle
  • Raphael Viera, Jean-Max Dutertre and Rodrigo Silva Lima (all Mines Saint-Etienne, France):
    Injecting Permanent Faults into the Flash Memory of a Microcontroller with Laser Illumination During Read Operations
  • Emre Karabulut, Chandu Yuvarajappa, Mohammed Iliyas Shaik, Seetal Potluri, Amro Awad and Aydin Aysu
    (all North Carolina State U, USA):
    PR Crisis: Analyzing and Fixing Partial Reconfiguration in Multi-Tenant Cloud FPGAs
    (Short Paper)




  • Regular papers:  25min (including questions)
  • Short papers:  20min (including questions)